At Water’s Edge looks into unexplored corners of ambient electronica to uncover beauty in unexpected places. Music is everywhere–sometimes pretty, sometimes dark, always beautiful.

Music is everywhere, in everything: in the hum of a city,
in the pulse of construction machinery or a heartbeat,
in footsteps, in laughter, in breath, in the shuffling of an impatient audience…
and, like John Cage’s “Four minutes and thirty-three seconds”,
all you have to do is sit and listen.

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At Water's Edge, 15 November 2014: Nevermore (Part 1)

The image of the raven has its roots in legends from all over the world. Harbinger of death, protector, spy, prophet, messenger; the raven embodies all of those things in our collective psyche.

Part one of a new series, this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge started out as a single, mono, rough field recording of Mojave desert ravens, with a few dogs barking and a distant train, along with a reading of Poe’s “The Raven” and some vocal lines recorded by Rebekkah Hilgraves.

We put out the call to ambient artists to see what people would do with it, and the response was amazing. More than 20 different ambient artists from around the world took the rough recordings and added their own inimitable marks, and the project expanded to a many-hours-long series. This week we hear the first of those finished recordings, from such diverse artists as Head Joint (who completed his track eight hours after receiving the project brief!), Cousin Silas, Ade Hodges and Daniel Prendiville. They all used the exact same base material, and you’ll hear *wildly* different interpretations of the sounds. Join us on Stillstream (audio only) and on Livestream (audio and video).

And by the way! It’s not too late if you want to participate in the project. Go check out the brief at — we will be releasing the tracks as part of a large series on RadHaus‘ new audiophile label in the next few months.