At Water’s Edge looks into unexplored corners of ambient electronica to uncover beauty in unexpected places. Music is everywhere–sometimes pretty, sometimes dark, always beautiful.

Music is everywhere, in everything: in the hum of a city,
in the pulse of construction machinery or a heartbeat,
in footsteps, in laughter, in breath, in the shuffling of an impatient audience…
and, like John Cage’s “Four minutes and thirty-three seconds”,
all you have to do is sit and listen.

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At Water's Edge, 21 February 2015: The Rules of This World

We feature recent releases from Robert Scott Thompson and Ade Hodges on this episode of At Water's Edge. Images by Silva Wischeropp from her series Passage to Vietnam. You can see more of her work here:

Morning of the World

Released on Aucourant Records ( in December 2014, Robert Scott Thompson's Morning of the World is a sublime journey across the world in sound. Ambient in its overall nature, it nevertheless colors outside the lines, as it were, using rhythms and traditional instruments in unique and compelling ways. Less about long-form and more about impressions, each track is an aural snapshot, if you will, of a place? a time? a dream? a wish? The titles only suggest and guide, and the listener is invited to follow the path into their own imagination.

Morning of the World - Robert Scott Thompson

1. Morning of the World (Lattice Crossing) 07:08
2. Chorale 02:40
3. Eidetic 03:51
4. Morning of the World (Landscape Vista) 06:34
5. Figured in the Drift of Stars (Bubble Mix) 06:50
6. Trace Left Behind 03:38
7. Sojorner 10:38
8. Descanso 05:07
9. Morning of the World 14:18

Break Every Rule

Ade Hodges' Break Every Rule... does. But not really. It's ambient, some dark, some lyrical, some a combination of styles, giving the listener the impression of both space and intimacy in the sounds, with occasional thought-provoking disturbances as if just out of reach. The titles are poetry themselves, with names like "dangerous liaisons on the edge of time" and "slow crawl to the great star" and offer food for thought while listening.

Break Every Rule - Ade Hodges

1. dangerous liaisons on the edge of time 07:48
2. dark ambient is no place for a healthy mind 07:28
3. good technology has revolutionary spirit 07:39
4. headful of ticker tape 07:47
5. homage to pussy riot 07:40
6. kevin's relapsing fever (for kevin lyons) 07:15
7. monster twin adagio 07:36
8. slow crawl to the great star 07:37
9. slow war of attrition 07:43
10. the weird rule 07:41

Track 6 is for Ade's long time friend and collaborator, Kevin Lyons. You can keep up with his comings and goings at