At Water’s Edge looks into unexplored corners of ambient electronica to uncover beauty in unexpected places. Music is everywhere–sometimes pretty, sometimes dark, always beautiful.

Music is everywhere, in everything: in the hum of a city,
in the pulse of construction machinery or a heartbeat,
in footsteps, in laughter, in breath, in the shuffling of an impatient audience…
and, like John Cage’s “Four minutes and thirty-three seconds”,
all you have to do is sit and listen.

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At Water's Edge, 6 June 2015: Tim Kays - Phenomena

Tim Kays recently released a lovely long album called "Phenomena" on the Aural Films label ( It's all about weather (Aural Films does that a lot, and weather is such a great ambient subject!), and we're rolling the whole thing today. This new collection of music is inspired by the measurement, observation, analysis, and study of events in the invisible ocean we know as the atmosphere.

Event Horizon 13:47
Lifted Index 22:46
Scanners (WSR-88D) 15:50
Starless Night at Level 3 08:01
Convective Instability 08:02
Subzero 11:28
The Cumulus Empire 12:48
Inflow 13:46
Summer Shower Interlude #4 06:37
Midnight Lightning 09:58
Overnight Snowfall 09:28
Bowing Line Segment - 0145 (Take 3) 27:15

Tim has been a registered storm tracker for the National Weather Service since 1982. Each of the titles on this album relate to specific weather phenomena or tracking devices and methods. For example, WSR-88D is the acronym for what we call the Doppler Radar: Weather Service Radar Model 88-D. And "Lifted Index" is a 22 track piece that tries to capture the spatial effect of the measurement known as the Lifted Index. The weather balloon carrying the radiosonde ascends into the atmosphere...20,000 feet...25,000...30,000...35,000...and so forth.

Moog, Roland, Korg and Arturia Synthesizers. Gibson, Fender, and Stienberger Guitars.