At Water’s Edge looks into unexplored corners of ambient electronica to uncover beauty in unexpected places. Music is everywhere–sometimes pretty, sometimes dark, always beautiful.

Music is everywhere, in everything: in the hum of a city,
in the pulse of construction machinery or a heartbeat,
in footsteps, in laughter, in breath, in the shuffling of an impatient audience…
and, like John Cage’s “Four minutes and thirty-three seconds”,
all you have to do is sit and listen.

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Dream of the Sea

To help celebrate the release of a gorgeous compilation from Borders Edge Records, Aquatic Dreams, we are dreaming of the sea today, with tracks from that compilation, as well as related tracks by Kuutana, The Color of Sleep, Luna Firma (all projects masterminded by Kuutana), and also showing some *amazing* images by a favorite photographer, Silva Capitana, whose works are featured on the digital release of Aquatic Dreams.

Float on an ocean of sounds today, and Dream of the Sea...

Borders Edge Music - Aquatic Dreams (2016)
- Sunken Treasure (Kuutana)
- Glass Bottom Boat (Luna Firma)
- Timeless (Kuutana)
- Deep Sea Blue I (The Color of Sleep)
- Deep Sea Blue II (The Color of Sleep)

Na Pali Sunset - Kuutana - Moonrise (2013)
Aqua - Kuutana - Rebirth (2015)
Flow - Kuutana - Waking Sun (2013)
Between Me And The Sea - Luna Firma - Falling Towards Atlantis (2016)
Unsettled Waters - Luna Firma - Single (2016)

The Color of Sleep - Sea Green (2015)
- SeaGreen I
- SeaGreen II
- SeaGreen III

Silva Wischeropp's (aka Silva Capitana's) photography can be found here:
(links to her works), and

The Final Note

On the one hand: unity, love, inclusion, celebration, compassion.

On the other hand: divisiveness, hatred, fear, violence, elitism.

I know which hand I'm reaching for.

And that hand doesn't belong to one single person; it belongs to a movement. The best bands understand this, the best sports organizations, research teams: placing our faith in a single star player is the wrong focus. It's the whole team, the movement, the ensemble, the willing setting aside of ego for the sake of the greater good, to serve something bigger than any one person.

Because we *are* all connected: harm done to any is harm done to all. Good done to any is good done to all.

When I was growing up, I was of course indoctrinated with the "winning is the only thing” model; fortunately, my parents largely shielded me from it, but my schools did not. Something in me must have sensed the wrongness of it, though, because I resisted before I even understood why. I despised competition. It made no sense to me, because it always ended up in resentment.

The San Antonio Spurs are an amazing basketball team. Not because there are any singular stars, but because they're a true team, working together. Nobody leaves the team for higher pay, and they have some of the highest winning percentages in all of professional sports over the last 15 years -- because their coaches play them as a team, not as a loose affiliation of rock stars, they win, and their players grow in ways that allow them to become coaches, general managers — that is, when they move on. Many of them stay for years, a rare practice in American sports.

Even opposing systems need each other, but frankly we're all fighting over and against the wrong things. Why are we battling over property and wealth, when we have it in ourselves to live together in peace? Why do we as a society dismiss--even revile--those who are differently colored, differently abled, differently gifted, differently gendered, instead of honoring those differences and helping each other?

Connection is the thing we must remember, because we cannot survive without each other.

On the one hand: divisiveness, hatred, fear, violence, elitism.

On the other hand: unity, love, inclusion, celebration, compassion.

I know which hand I'm extending. Do you?